‘These shards of pain will sparkle,

like prisms in the sun and

make you beautiful.’

~ Ekadevi ~

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I am a Stone

Here is something for anyone who is feeling anxious at the moment. These are crazy times. When I feel weak and powerless in the face of life’s challenges, I summon words of strength. I am a stone Chilled to the bone Standing still Iron will Weight of the world Diamond cut girl Armoured face GoldenContinue reading “I am a Stone”

Poetry: #6Words

Armour plated Savage fated She waited… ~ Ekadevi

Poetry: My Love is a Flame

Sweetest kiss Body bliss Spirit shakes Soul aches Eyes bright Mine tonight Perfect line I trace your spine Warm glow Blood flow Flame a flicker Heartbeat quicker Sharp inhale Senses fail Eyes blind Racing mind My tongue; your skin A race to win Every curve My hand will serve Fire and smoke Magic evoke SweatContinue reading “Poetry: My Love is a Flame”

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