‘These shards of pain will sparkle,

like prisms in the sun and

make you beautiful.’

~ Ekadevi ~

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Poetry: Open

SleepDreamWakeScreamWorkLiveHurtForgiveLoveBreakOfferTakeCreateDestroyRegretEnjoyKissIgnoreOpenDoor © 2020 The Incantevium All Rights Reserved

Poetry: Never

Follow the string If it hurts, let it in The pain will protect you Too hard to be weak through Love is a dream In the night when you scream No one behind you So dark, we’ll never find you Alone evermore Leave your boots by the door I’ll pretend you’re my friend That myContinue reading “Poetry: Never”

Poetry: Burning

I miss youI shouldn’t but I doI want youI wish it wasn’t trueYou hurt meYou have to let me beMy heart burnsYour fire ravaged me © 2020 The Incantevium All Rights Reserved

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